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To ensure safety of agricultural products is our primary task
Time:2012-6-2       Click:1393       【A A A

Agricultural products usually appear in people’s daily diet, whose safeties are related to people's lives. Nowadays, the public pay more and more attention to food safety. Therefore, as a fertilizer manufacture of agriculture grade manganese sulfate, Rech Chemical would start from our own production firstly and make sure that fertilizer standers not only meet the relevant national standards, but also are compliant with the requirements of foreign customers.

To ensure safety of agricultural products, Chemical enterprises not only increase investment on equipment and product testing to continuously enhance the safety of products, but also note to eliminate the pollution threat of products to the environment. Chemical enterprise could regularly provide farmers with product description and promote their high quality technical service, such as fertilizer use knowledge and guidance on growing. In this way, it improves the product's market share and let the product play a bigger role, wining the market good public reputation. At the same time, when teaching farmers fertilizing technology, the enterprises can get first-hand feedback of agriculture grade manganese sulfate. This improves the quality of the products, so as to form the virtuous cycle of enterprise development.

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