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About international samples delivery
Time:2012-5-25       Click:1445       【A A A

Recently, our sales department sent a sample of zinc sulfate heptahydrate to US customer via the international express company. Later, we met a trouble.

More than a weaker later after we sent, our staff tracked that the sample disappeared before leaving port on express company website. After negotiations with express company, we make sure our package was lost. Lost reason may be on express company when internal picking; Or the waybill code wrapped on sample may loss. To make our customer known this accident promptly, we notify him and send another sample from the same batch rapidly.

Through this incident, we will pay more attention to send international samples such as zinc sulfate heptahydrate and be strictly to sample management and Courier work samples and choose a international express delivery company with high quality service in case of any fault to cause bad impact to our clients.

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