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The changes of export situation from 111th Canton fair
Time:2012-5-24       Click:1442       【A A A

Though the canton fair ended at early this month, but for export-oriented enterprises, sorting the data in the fair is more important. Here, Rech Chemical collects the changes of the canton fair for some zinc sulfate monohydrate chemical enterprises reference.

First, the trend transfer at the present market. Ten percent more South American businessmen come to the fair than before while ten percent less Europeans attend, Asian merchants also decreased too. Turnover suggests that though the emerging market purchase ability shows strong, it cannot replace the position of European and American market which accounts for 70% of exports of our country.

Second, the volume firstly dropped in last four years. Use a word to describe: "more people see, and less people buy". The number of buyers in the canton fair had hit a highest record, but this
 not brings more turnovers. It’s a very interesting phenomenon.

Third, when the similar products were exhibited in the fair, buyers prefers the products that have novel design and the manufactures that have independent innovation ability. This is the important bargaining power for manufacturers. According to the statistics, the brand booths account for only 18.8% of the total export booths but bring the third of the total business volume.

Finally, there are more small short-term orders and less long-term orders. The small and short-term orders in this fair account for more than eighty percent. The main reasons for manufacturers not to accept long-term orders are because of the fluctuations of zinc sulfate monohydrate material prices and exchange rate.

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