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Zinc sulphate manufacturers should pay more attention to environmental protection

Views:616     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2017-07-03      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. LTD

Recently the air pollution becomes the hottest topic because some cities like Beijing suffer the fog haze weather in China. As one of the leading zinc sulphate manufacturer, Rech Chemical Co.Ltd thinks a good company should take the social responsibility and pay more attention to environment protection.

According to the survey collected by World Bank on 1997, Beijing’s air pollution had cause serious high death rate in China. The air pollution likes a disaster that spread out and bring great loss, for example the premature death and illness. According to the algorithm of human resources, it’s expected to cost 2.9% of the GDP. On Jan 15, 2013, the environment protection administration had taken measured to to overcome the increasingly serious air pollutions in China. As the manufacturers of zinc sulphate, we should behavior ourselves and be responsible for our beautiful earth. 

Most of the wastes disposed by the chemical factories without any treating will harm for the environment more or less. If treated by the equipments or the special technology, the wastes may meet the environment protection requirements. Rech Chemical Co.Ltd emphasizes the sustainable development and environment protection and advocates environmental production. Now we call for all the zinc sulphate manufacturers and friends from all walks to take protection to try our best to protect our earth.



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