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The difference of zinc sulfate monohydrate industry grade and feed grade

Views:455     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2016-03-31      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

Zinc sulfate monohydrate is widely used infeed industry, agriculture and other industrial field. For appearance, zinc sulfate can be divided into powder and granular; and for the application, zinc sulfate can be divided into Industry grade, Feed grade and Agriculture grade. 
Industry grade zinc sulfate, has very strict requirements for Fe and Mn. Powder is generally used.
Industry grade zinc sulfate is used in:
1/ Zinc Ore drawing in metal compounds mineral;
2/ Waste water treatment agent or to be raw material of it.
3/ Coloring Agent or reductase in Chemical fiber
4/ Other industrial use.
Feed grade zinc sulfate is used as feed supplement or trace mineral supplement; It has very strict specifications for heavy metals such as Pb, As, Cd. For superfluous heavy metals will be toxic to animals, which will harm human’s health indirectly. Powder or mini-granular is used; 
Agricultural grade zinc sulfate, used as fertilizer supplement, and granular are used in the most of time. It has requirements in heavy metals and water insoluble.

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