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The current situation of Yangtze River

Views:8     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2016-06-21      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

Yangtze River, the longest river in Asia, is Chinese mother together with Yellow River. However, lots of enterprises do not lay emphasis on environment protection, nowadays, Yangtze River has been badly polluted 
There is a factory in Sichuang Province which specializing in hydroquinone pours Mn contented scoria with no treatment process at all. As we know, Mn contented scoria will pollute environment badly especially when they are washed by rain. 
These Mn contented scoria comes from the production of the by products of hydroquinone---Industry grade manganese sulfate. Although, it is reasonable for enterprise pursue economic profit, paying attention on environment protection is also very important for an enterprise. 


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