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Rech Chemical teach you zinc sulfate solution to treat tobacco mosaic disease

Views:152     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2017-10-12      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. LTD

Some tobacco planting farmers often inquire Rech Chemical Co. Ltd for agricultural grade zinc sulfate. On the one hand, zinc sulfate can supply zinc trace elements to tobacco, on the other hand it also treat the plants’ virus. At present, zinc sulfate foliage spraying is one of the best ways to treat tobacco Mosaic disease.

In recent years, because of the influence of uncommon climate and improper crop management, tobacco Mosaic disease occurs more often in north and south China, especially in south area, which brings serious loss to farmers. Mosaic disease is a worldwide common tobacco virus disease. The most serious and widely occur kinds are Tobacco mosaic virus and Cucumber mosaic virus.

Mosaic disease is caused by a variety of virus infection. It can infect seedlings and adult plants that make tobacco plant grow slowly and "yellow-green" and "thick green" spots on tobacco leaves. The Suffered plants often appear as spots, deformity, curly leaves, also shows dwarf plant. Seriously, it would affect tobacco’s yield and quality, and even cause no yield.

The most effective method for tobacco Mosaic disease: 1, pull down the ill seedlings and plant health one with pond soil based. 2. Fertilize zinc sulfate 0.5 g for each. After their survivals, continuous spray antiviral agent twice, once for 7 days. If the plants can't move, quick-acting fertilizer could promote tobacco seedlings growth and relief the disease.



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