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Mineral added in the feed of pollution-free beef breeding

Views:13     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2017-10-20      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. LTD

Pollution-free beef breeding needs to add mineral elements to meet the animals’ growing need. Among them, it could be add with synthetic, natural single and a variety of mixed minerals feed. salt and others are added commonly in major elements minerals while trace element additive as manganese sulfate monohydrate are usually added in supplement materials of diet.

There are generally 43 species in trace elements and feed grade minerals: sodium; Sodium chloride; Sodium dihydrogen phosphate; Disodium phosphate; The potassium dihydrogen phosphate; Phosphoric acid potassium hydrogen 2; Calcium carbonate; Calcium chloride; Cahpo4; Calcium dihydrogen phosphate; Three calcium phosphate; Calcium lactate; magnesium sulfate hepahydrate; magnesium sulfate monohydrate; Magnesium oxide; Magnesium chloride; ferrous sulfate heptahydrate; ferrous sulfate monohydrate; ferrous lactic acid; Six water ferrous citric acid; Ferrous fumarate; Glycine iron; Methionine iron; Five water copper sulfate; copper sulfate monohydrate; Methionine copper; zinc sulfate monohydrate; zinc sulfate heptahydrate; No water zinc sulfate; Four zinc; Methionine zinc; manganese sulfate monohydrate; Chlorinated manganese; Potassium; Technique of potassium; Technique of calcium; Six water cobalt chloride; Water cobalt chloride; Sodium selenite; Yeast copper; Yeast iron; Yeast manganese; Yeast selenium.

Manganese sulfate monohydrate general add in prepared feeding with a variety of nonnutritive additives such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and some growth promoting agents, health care agent and so on. Though it’s less usage, play bigger role. Generally, its adding amount is 1%.



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