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Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate Granular 2-4mm

Other Name: manganese sulphate monohydrate
Size: 2-4mm
Grade: Fertilizer grade/industry grade, agriculture grade

  • MnSO4. H2O
  • Rech Chemical Co. Ltd
  • RCMN01

Product: Managanese Sulfate Monohydrate Granular
Test Standard: HG/T 2935-2006
Rech Chemical manganese sulfate test result:

DescriptionTechnical GradeTest Result
Mn31% min31.5% min
Pb10ppm max6.9ppm max
As5ppm max2.7ppm max
Cd10ppm max5.3ppm max

Product Name: Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate
 CAS No.:     10034-96-5
HS NO.:     2833.299090
 EINECS:      232-089-9
Manganese sulfate is one of the important trace element fertilizers which can be used as base fertilizer, seed soaking, seed dressing, top dressing and foliar spray, it can promote the crop growth to increase production.  
Manganese sulfate used as a porcelain glaze, as a fertilizer additive and as a catalyst. 
In animal husbandry and feed industry, manganese sulfate used as feed additives to promote animals to grow healthily and fatly. 
Mangaese sukfate can added to soils to promote plant growth, especially of citrus crops.
Manganese sulfate monohydrate used in textile dyes, fungicides, medicines and ceramics. 
Net weight 25kgs, 50kgs per each plastic woven bag, or 1000kgs to 1350kgs per each package,or according to client request.
We will arrange shipment from Huangpu and Changsha Port within 15 days after receiving your order.
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