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Low price manganese sulfate monohydrate

Views:704     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2016-04-22      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

Canton Fair is held in Guangzhou these days, and we received lots of feedback about low price manganese sulfate monohydrate when visiting customers. After sampling and testing, we studied some days and settle some information as follows:

The mentioned manganese sulfate comes from the industrial waste water of hydroquinone, the details are as follows:

Phenylamine works as a raw material and manganese dioxide is as an oxidizing agent, in acid condition, phenylamine is oxidized and benzoquinone come out, after being restored by iron powder, Hydroquinone finally occurs. There are a large number of manganese sulfate and manganese dioxide in the producing waste water. Generally speaking, 5-6tons of manganese dioxide is needed for every 1 ton of hydroquinone, and vast waster water containing manganese sulfate, which will be produced to 7-8tons of manganese sulfate. The flow chart is as follows:
manganese sulfate
Manganese sulfate produced with this method:
1/ with low content of Mn, that is 31% around or below;
2/ the color is gray or dumb white when the normal goods is pink;
3/ contains blastomogen Dioxin, and can only be used in some industrial field, not be used in feed industry or agricultural field;
4/ contains benzene, and will be harmful to human or animal's health if contact for long.

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