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Huangpu custom carry out paperless clearance for zinc sulfate class B exporters

Views:177     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2016-08-31      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. LTD

Started in August last year, the domestic important ports for class A enterprises have to implement paperless customs clearance. Changsha sharp and chemical industry as one of the first class A paperless office zinc sulfate enterprise really enjoy priority in terms of customs clearance.

Received notice last week, June 1, B type enterprise also opened in huangpu LaoGang paperless customs clearance procedure.
Class B and class B above enterprise opened paperless customs clearance, the first need to apply on the electronic port opening of paperless customs clearance, online application and signing the paperless declare at the customs. Then specified on the customs declaration "remark" column "is a paperless declaration". Guangzhou province within the scope of the port the customs requires all class B and class B above all enterprises sign a paperless customs clearance, but huangpu LaoGang customs temporarily no mandatory requirements must use paperless customs clearance. Customs broker in order to ensure smooth customs clearance, B class or more enterprises are paperless customs clearance deal signed on June 1, in customs clearance at the same time, indicate the paperless customs clearance and provide customs clearance material, to ensure foolproof.

Customs enforcement material customs clearance, on the one hand, reduced the zinc sulfate of customs clearance cost, also improve the efficiency of customs clearance.

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