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How to use chemical dictionary well?

Views:611     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2016-06-16      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

In chemical industry, most people will search through Bing or Google to get the product information. Today we will talk about how to use chemical dictionarey well.
Most of the chemical dictionaries are searched by product name in Chinese and in English, or by CAS No. If your input zinc sulfate, you can get the result of zinc sulfate monohydrate, zinc sulfate heptahydrate, zinc sulfate, zinc sulfate sixhydrate and zinc sulfate anhydrous. Different products have different CAS No. Like Zinc sulfate monohydrate CAS number is 7446-19-7, zinc sulphate heptahydrate CAS number is 7446-20-0.
The largest advantage by using chemical dictionary is that it can provide you the accurate CAS No. Besides that, it will also provide you the other names for your reference.
Several days ago, we had written an article on CAS No. of Zinc Sulfate. Generally speaking, there will be no mistake if you search CAS No. by chemical dictionary.

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