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How does container inspection of Huangpu Customs proceed?

Views:616     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2016-08-19      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. LTD

Rech Chemical Co. Ltd generally export zinc sulfate through Huangpu port. It’s very common for us to receive the customs check notification. How does the customs inspection proceed?

Customs inspection steps:
1, first of all, the customs inform a inspection notice;
2, issue the inspection notice (clear inspection way: pass by light machine/open the cabinet door/dig out all the goods);
3, hung out the cabinet and began to examine;
4, sum up the inspection report, release or not

At present, Huangpu customs inspection is very strict. The zinc sulfate containers we recently proceeded not only received Commodity Inspection Bureau’s inspection, but also received customs declaration’ inspection. The customs routine inspection would bring some checking costs to exporters as: about RMB 240 for check all, about RMB 120 for half checking, about RMB 121-221 for channels checking. Other fees depend on the checking work.

Over the years, all the orders of goods from Rech Chemical are proceeded on regular legal operation, and each of them that chosen by Commodity Inspection Bureau or customs all goes smoothly due to our rich exporting zinc sulfate experience.

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