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How do chemicals exporters apply for dangerous package certificate?

Views:95     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2017-11-01      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. LTD

According to the international regulations, dangerous goods are divided into nine categories of 20 small classes. Zinc sulfate is considered as Nine Category dangerous goods when exported via ports in Shanghai, shenzhen, while as general cargo in Qinzhou port. If the ports define the goods as dangerous categories, the export enterprises should apply dangerous package certificate.

There’re the state provisions on the packaging of export dangerous goods, the package manufacturers who export the dangerous goods packaging or container must apply to the inspection and quarantine authorities regarding packages’ performance. The product enterprises who exports dangerous goods must apply to the inspection and quarantine authorities for the use of packages. Without identification of qualified packaging containers, anyone is not allowed to export dangerous goods. So, dangerous packages certificate contains two parts, one is the package performance certificate, which is supplied by package manufacturer to exporters; The other one is application certificate, which reach to exporters when he applied with the package performance certificate.

If zinc sulfate and manganese sulfate exported as dangerous goods, compared with general cargos, the more things in the customs inspection process is to  is much more than the when a port inspector reporting program, while the crisis package certificate is apply the dangerous package certificate. No dangerous package certificate, exporters’ containers can't load the ship.





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