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Guangxi mining will be a mining economy industry cluster of China

Views:486     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2016-10-07      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. LTD

Guangxi is a rich mineral resources province of China with various minerals and enormous reserve that 64 kinds of minerals listed the top 10 as manganese, antimony, tin, aluminum etc, and it’ s also one of the important manganese sulphate monohydrate industry area.

In order to keep well development of resources and industry needs, Guangxi Office of land and resources puts forward and pass “the Mining economic development planning of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region” for overall consideration. In the coming 5 ~ 10 years, Guangxi will focus on creating mining economy industry cluster of aluminum, manganese, rare earth and scare metal. This "planning" first puts forward to optimize industrial layout based on the resources ability improved, which would fit the resources advantages and location advantages of mining economy industry cluster. It also plans to built an important mineral resources industry base and poles of economic growth within 5 ~ 10 years in west China.

Since 2005, responding to the Changsha government call that all chemicals factories should move away from Changsha city, Rech Chemical Co. Ltd sets the new manganese suphate factory in Guangxi manganese ore industry and become a leading strong power of Guangxi manganese industry.


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