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Biofuels development and zinc sulfate enterprise opportunity

Views:122     Author:VV     Publish Time: 2017-08-11      Origin:Rech Chemical Co. Ltd

In traditional fossil energy exhausting and environment pollution aggravation of the case, the development of biofuels such as Brazil, caused the United States, the European Union, such as auto consumers and agricultural nation more and more interest, this also gives zinc sulfate agricultural chemical, fertilizer enterprises brought new opportunities.

Biofuels is through the biological resources to produce the fuel ethanol and biodiesel, can replace the oil obtained petrol and diesel, development and utilization of renewable energy is the important direction. At present in the United States, generally with corn, soybean give priority to raw materials; In Brazil, is for sugar cane. Experiment shows that the application of soybean oil and diesel fuel mix with the effect of diesel as good, and so much cleaner than diesel. The Brazilian government regulations from 2008 in diesel adding 2% biodiesel proportion to the 2013 it expanded to 5%. The United States in 2012 to 75 gallons of fuel ethanol production, expected to reach 2017 in to 35 billion gallons. The EU and other countries have a large-scale promotion.

One of the biggest sources of biofuels from agriculture, current capacity can't meet the demand of social energy, foreign to develop agriculture to domestic zinc sulfate fertilizer enterprise undoubtedly has brought the new growth point.

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